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Draft: Slurm Job File Generator Update

Noah Trumpik requested to merge edits-in-slurm_generator into preview

Updated to version 2.0 - new features include

  • basic and advanced mode
  • added several more (advanced) slurm options
  • more show/hide functionality on related content
  • updated partitions
  • improved limit and relational checks for partition options
  • added selection-dependent resource bounds
  • added workspace info box
  • added information panel
  • show extended info about the active field
  • show reference link for more help
  • revised layout
  • header button shows/hides md content for clean look
  • column rearrangement - short opt, long opt, name, input
  • tooltip is triggered in the whole row
  • number values in partition info box are aligned right
  • clean-up in bash file generation (modules, workspace)
  • dont generate commands from hidden fields

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