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Other Labels

  • bug
    A mistake in the typesetting like overlapping text areas.
    FSR-I / The Manual
  • discussion
    Group intelligence wanted to figure out what we want or what the best approach is.
    FSR-I / The Manual
  • graphics
    Concerns graphical work or details.
    FSR-I / The Manual
  • meta
    More general discussion about the project or its heading.
    FSR-I / The Manual
  • missing content
    More content has to be added. Content can be just key points, there's a separate label for writing.
    FSR-I / The Manual
  • missing writing
    Full text paragraphs are to be formed with nice wordings.
    FSR-I / The Manual
  • suggestion
    An idea that might be cool or helpful.
    FSR-I / The Manual
  • up for review
    Feedback requested for the produced content. Opinions, anyone?
    FSR-I / The Manual
  • won't do
    We won't do this because of time or other constraints.
    FSR-I / The Manual