Commit 0514289a authored by Toni Beier's avatar Toni Beier

Hide primary key by identity tick line

parent ef0332c2
......@@ -588,12 +588,17 @@ class Helper {
else if (currentConfig.allowedGroupCiphers.toString().contains("2")) message+=" with TKIP";
list.add(new MainActivity.TickLine(ticked, message, "SSID", false));
message = currentConfig.enterpriseConfig.getIdentity();
if( message.contains("@") ) {
message = message.substring(0, message.indexOf('@'));
if( message.contains("-") ) {
message = message.substring(0, message.indexOf('-'));
ticked = true;
list.add(new MainActivity.TickLine(ticked, message, "User Identität", false));
if (currentConfig.enterpriseConfig.getAnonymousIdentity().length()>0) {
String anonymousIdentity = currentConfig.enterpriseConfig.getAnonymousIdentity();
if (!anonymousIdentity.equals(context.getString(R.string.edurom_anonymous_identity))) {
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