Commit fd3ebb1f authored by Katrin Otto's avatar Katrin Otto

Gitlab Link

parent 21a2466d
......@@ -91,7 +91,8 @@ function page($file, $index ='')
$html[] = '<div id="cclicence">'. PHP_EOL;
$html[] = '<p><a href="" target="blank"><img id="imagecc" src="' . $base_URL . '/images/ccby.png"></a>'. PHP_EOL;
$html[] = '<a href="" target="blank">UB Chemnitz</a></p>'. PHP_EOL;
$html[] = '<a href="" target="blank">UB Chemnitz</a><br>'. PHP_EOL;
$html[] = '<a href="" target="blank">Gitlab TU Chemnitz</a></p>'. PHP_EOL;
$html[] = '</div>'. PHP_EOL;
$html[] = '<div class="content">'. PHP_EOL;
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