Commit cc3c8d1d authored by Henry Oswald's avatar Henry Oswald

parse left and right footers as json

parent 3cb66b24
......@@ -410,15 +410,22 @@ settings =
if process.env["SHARELATEX_LEFT_FOOTER"]?
settings.left_footer = process.env["SHARELATEX_LEFT_FOOTER"]
settings.nav.left_footer = JSON.parse(process.env["SHARELATEX_LEFT_FOOTER"])
catch e
console.error("could not parse SHARELATEX_LEFT_FOOTER, not valid JSON")
if process.env["SHARELATEX_RIGHT_FOOTER"]?
settings.right_footer = process.env["SHARELATEX_RIGHT_FOOTER"]
settings.nav.right_footer = process.env["SHARELATEX_RIGHT_FOOTER"]
settings.nav.right_footer = JSON.parse(process.env["SHARELATEX_RIGHT_FOOTER"])
catch e
console.error("could not parse SHARELATEX_RIGHT_FOOTER, not valid JSON")
if process.env["SHARELATEX_HEADER"]?
settings.header = process.env["SHARELATEX_HEADER"]
settings.nav.header = process.env["SHARELATEX_HEADER"]
# Sending Email
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