Commit 68e4df72 authored by Shane Kilkelly's avatar Shane Kilkelly

check that nav.header is configured

parent d06b8ec6
......@@ -425,14 +425,14 @@ if process.env["SHARELATEX_LDAP_HOST"]
rejectUnauthorized: process.env["SHARELATEX_LDAP_TLS_OPTS_REJECT_UNAUTH"] == "true"
ca:ca_paths # e.g.'/etc/ldap/ca_certs.pem'
if settings.externalAuth
if settings.externalAuth and settings?.nav?.header?
results = []
for button in settings.nav.header
if button.url != "/register"
settings.nav.header = results
# Compiler
# --------
if process.env["SANDBOXED_COMPILES"] == "true"
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