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- check your changes before commiting
- make small commits
## updating your working copy
### problem
If you commit to your working copy while someone pushes a commit to the remote repository and you try to push yours, you get an error: `failed to push some refs to remote...`. If you would do a `git pull` git would create a merge commit, this is ugly.
`git pull` = `git fetch && git merge`
### solution
Append the paramter `--rebase` to the git pull command, to tell git to rebase insted of merge the remote changes.
`git pull --rebase` = `git fetch && git rebase`
in tortoiseGit you have to check the following checkbox to accomplish this:
## commit messages
- describe why a change is beeing made in a meaningful way
- dont write code snippets in your commit messages, it should stay comprehensibly for non it people
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