Commit 1e13c46a authored by Daniel Schreiber's avatar Daniel Schreiber

don't use docker containers for testing

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image: python:3
- rabbitmq:3
# makes rabbitmq accessible to the django app (environment variable is used in settings)
SAXID_AMQP_HOST: 'rabbitmq'
stages: stages:
- test - test
variables: variables:
LD_LIBRARY_PATH: /opt/sqlite-compat-django/lib/ LD_LIBRARY_PATH: /opt/sqlite-compat-django/lib/
before_script: before_script:
- apt-get update -qqy - python3.6 -m venv $HOME/tox
- apt-get install -qqy python-dev - $HOME/tox/bin/pip install tox
- pip install tox
api-test-py3: api-test-py3:
stage: test stage: test
script: tox -e py36 script: $HOME/tox/bin/tox -e 'py36'
coverage: '/^TOTAL.*\s+(\d+\.\d\%)\s*$/' coverage: '/^TOTAL.*\s+(\d+\.\d\%)\s*$/'
# allow_failure: true
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