Commit ab07a4bd authored by Frank Winkler's avatar Frank Winkler

Fixed typos.

parent 089c63b5
......@@ -15,9 +15,9 @@ const captions = {
'mem_bw': ['Main Memory Bandwidth ','(% across sockets)','Sockets'],
'infiniband_bw': ['Infiniband Bandwidth ','(% across nodes)','Nodes'],
'gpu_usage': ['GPU Usage ','(% across devices)','Devices'],
'gpu_power': ['GPU Power ','(% across devices)','Devises'],
'gpu_mem': ['GPU Memory Utilization ','(% across devices)','Devises'],
'gpu_temperature': ['GPU Temperature ','(% across devices)','Devises'],
'gpu_power': ['GPU Power ','(% across devices)','Devices'],
'gpu_mem': ['GPU Memory Utilization ','(% across devices)','Devices'],
'gpu_temperature': ['GPU Temperature ','(% across devices)','Devices'],
'cpu_power': ['CPU Power ','(% across sockets)','Sockets'],
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