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# Pika Packages
## Docker Containers for Databases and GUI
There are three Docker containers: `pika-mariadb`, `pika-influxdb` and `pika-gui`.
......@@ -14,7 +16,6 @@ It is recommended to install these three containers in the following order:
2. [pika-influxdb](pika-influxdb)
3. [pika-gui](pika-gui)
#### Pika Bridge Network
All containers are installed with the external bridge network `pika-net`.
......@@ -40,4 +41,13 @@ If you install containers on the same host, e.g. `pika-mariadb` and `pika-gui`,
## Performance Data Collection Daemon
The performance data collection daemon must be installed on each compute node.
The Pika Software-Stack on a compute node consists of the following components.
* collectd - We provide a patched version of collectd for Pika.
* likwid - The likwid performance monitoring and benchmark suite.
* collectd-likwid-plugin - Our additional collectd-likwid-plugin to access likwid performance data.
* The pika slurm spank-plugin - Our slurm-plugin to control job-monitoring.
We provide separate RPM packages for all of these plus the `pika.rpm` package, which includes the configuration and slurm prolog/epilog scripts.
# pika-collectd-likwid-plugin
## Build RPM package
You need to build the `pika-collectd` and `pika-likwid` packages before.
Afterwards, copy the resulting RPM files:
… in this directory. Then, to build the pika-collectd-likwid-plugin RPM just run.
## Setup Database Connection
## Build RPM
Make a copy of `pika_access_template` and adjust it accordingly.
To build the rpm package just run `make rpm`. Note that you need to have `rpmbuild` installed.
cp pika_access_template pika_access
## Specify Pika Root
Edit `pika.conf` to specify `PIKA_ROOT`.
Also, make sure that prolog and epilog can find `pika.conf` by adjusting the source command in `slurm/` and `slurm/`.
# pika-likwid
Create the likwid RPM package for Pika, just run.
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