Commit f3bc1b14 authored by Frank Winkler's avatar Frank Winkler
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Added threads per core info.

parent 154c337c
......@@ -672,6 +672,8 @@ static internal_error_t job_ptr_to_json(job_record_t *job_ptr, char **json, bool
{"JOB_RECORD__CPU_IDS", U16PP, .value.uint16pp={ids, id_cnts, job_ptr->job_resrcs->nhosts}},
{"JOB_RECORD__SMT_MODE", U16, .value.uint16=1},
{"JOB_RECORD__THREADS_PER_CORE", U16, .value.uint16=job_ptr->details->mc_ptr->threads_per_core},
{"JOB_RECORD__GPU_ALLOC_CNT", U32, .value.uint32=gpu_alloc_cnt},
{"JOB_RECORD__GPU_IDS", U16PP, .value.uint16pp={gpu_ids, gpu_id_cnts, gpu_details_cnt}},
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