Commit a4a363b4 authored by Robert Dietrich's avatar Robert Dietrich

minor modification for clush (wait 90s instead of 30s)

parent 231d7f1e
......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ COMPUTE_NODES=$(sinfo -o %N --noheader)
clush -t 30 -B -u 30 -w $COMPUTE_NODES "ls /opt/slurm/prolog.d/07_pika;ls /opt/slurm/epilog.d/03_pika"
#purge pika on all compute nodes
clush -t 30 -B -u 30 -w $COMPUTE_NODES "sudo /sw/taurus/tools/pika/job_control/slurm/taurus/ purge"
clush -t 30 -B -u 90 -w $COMPUTE_NODES "sudo /sw/taurus/tools/pika/job_control/slurm/taurus/ purge" 2>&1 | tee pika_purge.txt
#install pika in all compute nodes
clush -t 30 -B -u 30 -w $COMPUTE_NODES "sudo /sw/taurus/tools/pika/job_control/slurm/taurus/ install"
clush -t 30 -B -u 90 -w $COMPUTE_NODES "sudo /sw/taurus/tools/pika/job_control/slurm/taurus/ install" 2>&1 | tee pika_install.txt
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