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Documentation for logrotate.

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......@@ -5,8 +5,32 @@ There are different log files for the monitoring daemon, the job prolog and epil
Currently, we simply grep for keywords in these log files, such as `error` and `failure`, `outlier`.
If a keyword was found, the respective log file is saved with the name of the compute node to a shared file system and an email is sent to the administrators.
## Setup Logrotate for PIKA:
- specify location for error logfiles
- Register email addresses
- create cronjob...
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Adjust the paths in the following files according to your setup:
- [pika_logrotate.conf](pika_logrotate.conf)
- [](
- [](
- [](
- [](
**Note**: prolog will copy `` to `/etc/cron.daily/` on each compute node if it does not already exist.
## Specify Prerotate Script
Logrotate is calling []( You can add here "grep" keywords for collectd and prolog/epilog logfiles.
If this script detects errors, an error file is copied to `$ERROR_COLLECTION_PATH`.
## Create Cronjob and Register Email Addresses
Add []( to crontab on a service node.
0 5 * * * /sw/taurus/tools/pika/daemon/logrotate/
This script sends an email to all registers members if `$ERROR_COLLECTION_PATH` contains erros.
Register email addresses in [pika_emails](../../pika_emails) to get error notifications.
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