Commit e987abd5 authored by Roland Herzog's avatar Roland Herzog

adds siunitx to list of default packages

parent f5ab5393
......@@ -66,7 +66,7 @@ The following packages are included, listed here in alphabetical order.\footnote
\item[listings.sty] provides source code formatting
\item[longtable.sty] enables the typesetting of long tables
\item[mathtools.sty] provides lots of improvements for math typesetting
% \item[parskip.sty] helps properly implementing paragraph layouts
\item[siunitx.sty] facilitates the typesetting of numbers and SI units
\item[stmaryrd.sty] defines a symbol font which includes, e.g., a double square bracket
\item[xcolor.sty] extends \LaTeX's color facilities
\item[xifthen.sty] extends \file{ifthen.sty} by adding new boolean conditions
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