Commit 36aa16bb authored by Peter Nerlich's avatar Peter Nerlich
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update advtrains to release-2.3.0

parent 2d899c06
......@@ -190,3 +190,6 @@
[submodule "home_workshop_modpack"]
path = home_workshop_modpack
url =
[submodule "basic_trains"]
path = basic_trains
url =
advtrains @ 5aa700c3
Subproject commit b616ae4425b26d0163e9d5f5cb98121fa103e003
Subproject commit 5aa700c3ab14434e36cabb2ba7c9f053e52730cc
basic_trains @ c0203bf9
Subproject commit c0203bf92abb084873d68eae0c295c7faf039bdc
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