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# Raytracing with OpenGL
This project is mainly based on the paper [Ray Tracing in One Weekend](paper/Ray_Tracing_in_a_Weekend.pdf) and is for the practical part of the lecture 'Multimedia'.
We want to create a raytracer which is able to work on spheres by using OpenGL.
At the beginning we are going to set up a simple camera, making the rays work correctly and set a background.
The next step is to create the mentioned "perfect" sphere/s with a possible diffuse material which provides us to see contact shadows and a 3 dimensionel impression. Furthermore we would like to simulate different kinds of "materials" by changing the reflection sensivity.
## further possible improvements
* rotating camera
* Antialising
* Blur effects
Furthermore we set the changeable constants mass of the car (m), corner stiffness coefficients (Cxf and Cxr), length of the car (L) and the tire radius (r) to undefined but reasonable values.
## Table of Content
* [Documentation](Documentation/)
* [Papers](paper/)
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