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      Merge branch 'feature/public_transportation_system/favorites' into 'develop' · d64281b6
      Toni Beier authored
      Feature/public transportation system/favorites
      See merge request OpenASiST/openasist4android_core!28
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      Favorites has been implemented in this new feature · 78d32800
      Toni Beier authored
      Changes that I have made are as following:
      - Changed ListViews with RecyclerView for better performance and to handle some relational tasks of two lists.
      - Changed the Refresh with SwipeRefreshLayout because the old way was too bad coding practice.
      - A few GUI changes like limiting the long text to be shown on screen and adding a favorite icon to support favorites.
      - SingleStationActivity has now a separate api call to individually handle one station data in it. This saves us a lot of time to get data in PTSFragment (now we're only calling 2 departures not all of them). Secondly SwipeRefreshLayout has been implemented in this Activity too. To provide user to Refresh the data for a single station by staying on the SingleStationActivity.
      - Removed a few commented code that was no longer needed.
      New things that I have made in this new Feature are as following:
      - Created a few classes like (PTSFavAdapter: for RecyclerView of Favorites, DepartureList: for handling a list of Departures in the SingleStationActivity and PTSInterface: this is a generic interface it can be used in future too for two type of functionality onItemRemoved and onItemAdded, it can be further expanded as per our will in future).
      - Created a pts_fav_list_item.xml in res/layout to handle data on every row of favorites RecyclerView.
      - Added a delete icon for deleting favorites from the list if they're not needed anymore
      What have we achieved in this new Feature:
      - First of all we have finally configured favorites as a feature inside the PTS Module.
      - The layout is improved
      - You can add or delete favorites very easily(For adding just click on stars in nearby List. While for deleting or to Un-favorite something just swipe to left or click on the yellow star to Un-favorite a station) and there is an undo functionality too.
      - Less amount of data being called from server which saves us cost on memory and time.
      - And frequent refreshing of data on every screen.
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      update librarys · ac568cea
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      Set minsdk to 16 and target version to 26 · 1d94ec48
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      Update build tools version to 28.0.3 · 35d6f8e7
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      Merge branch 'revise_build_compile-sdk-28' into 'develop' · 0268a69e
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      Kompiliervorgang benutzt SDK-Version 28
      See merge request OpenASiST/openasist4android_core!22
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      Build: Update compile sdk to version 28 · 3cfbb2e4
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      Update compile SDK for future features.
      Replace android support librarys with AndroidX and material librarys.
      AbstractAsistActivity class inherits from class AppCompatActivity.
      Remove TwoPinOverlay class because 28 do not support com.google.android.maps namespace and TwoPinOverlay class was unused.
      Remove uses-library tag with com.google.android.maps namespace from manifest file.
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