Commit d44bc465 authored by Andreas Gocht's avatar Andreas Gocht

add the mca parameters

couldn't test as there is no libmlx4-1 libmlx5-1 in
debian:testing currently
parent f2dd7105
......@@ -4,6 +4,10 @@ From: debian:testing
echo "This is what happens when you run the container..."
mca-btl-openib-device-params.ini /usr/share/openmpi/
echo "Hello from inside the container"
#sed -i 's/$/ universe/' /etc/apt/sources.list
......@@ -14,7 +18,8 @@ From: debian:testing
# build environment
apt-get -y install wget curl build-essential make g++ gfortran openmpi-bin openmpi-common git subversion cmake python
# infiniband
apt-get -y install libmlx4-1 libmlx5-1 libibverbs1
apt-get -y install libibverbs1
apt-get -y install libmlx4-1 libmlx5-1
gcc --version
......@@ -103,8 +108,7 @@ From: debian:testing
make -j 4
make install
# srun -p interactive -N 1 -n 2 singularity exec --bind /etc/libibverbs.d/:/etc/libibverbs.d/ --bind /usr:/extern debian.img /scratch/gocht/container/run
# srun -p interactive -N 1 -n 1 singularity shell --bind /etc/libibverbs.d/:/etc/libibverbs.d/ --bind /usr:/extern debian.img
[Mellanox ConnectIB]
vendor_id = 0x2c9,0x5ad,0x66a,0x8f1,0x1708,0x03ba,0x15b3,0x119f
-vendor_part_id = 4113
+vendor_part_id = 4113,7059,7060,7043
use_eager_rdma = 1
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